Monday, June 17, 2013

He made it to Spain! (Finally!!)

Elder Franklyn missed his flight from NYC to Madrid, so he arrived at the MTC one day later than most of the other missionaries. After being stuck in New York City for 24 hrs he finally got on another flight and made it to Spain! This is the first email from him so far! Short and sweet haha. 


      I am finally in the CCM! I just barely arrived and we took a tour around the area a little to see the temple and some local parks. It was a lot of fun! We also started learning Spanish right away which was good. Our instructors speak in mostly Spanish which is good and I´m already learning a ton! I hope all is well in California and wherever any one is reading this. I can´t write much because I´m a little limited on time but just know that I am okay and finally in Madrid! Oh and my companion is Elder Dunn from Sandy Utah and he is really cool! We are already getting a long well.
Love you!!
Elder Franklyn

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