Monday, November 25, 2013


Monday, November 24, 2013

Family and friends!!!

Well I pretty much got sideswiped on Saturday night. Transfer calls came in and they are sending me up north to a city called El Ferrol! Its right above Portugal and its gunna be crazy!

This week was pretty good. I don't have a ton of time but I'll cruise through it.

On monday we went to Parque Sur to get some winter clothes and at night had a lesson with Juan Romera to help prep him for his baptism. They made us eat a tonnnn of churros and I felt a little sick after haha.

Tuesday was great! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Sandra. She's Nigerian and really awesome! Mike came with us and made the lesson super great. She has a family too and so we are excited to meet with them. After we met with Esteban and he basically dropped us which is sad but then had correlation with David which went great!

Wednesday we went to the Temple which was amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly. After, we had intercambios and so I was with Elder Stevenson who's from Chino CA!! It went well and we had a lesson with Purificacion. At night we went to Consuelo and Enrique's to help Consuelo with her talk. It went great!

Thursday we worked hard and had a lesson with Amparo which went great and then Maxwell. He still has a ton of questions but we are answering them bit by bit. After we went to David's to talk about a few things and we had a great time discussing all of our ideas.

Friday we planned the week which went good. Bummer I'm not gunna be here. After we went to Carlos Murillo's and had some good food and shared a great lesson! Then we contacted some references in the street and then had a lesson with a less active girl named Jessica. She's only 20 but really awesome and super strong. Then we had clase de ingles and noche de hogar which both went great. We shared a lesson on Nefi building the boat and it was awesome.

Saturday we didn't have too much but we ended up contacting a good amount of our references that we had. We had a lesson with John which went amazingly and he is actually really interested in baptism. Hopefully we can get him to progress and come to church! After we went contacting again and passed by some members. That night I got the call and freaked out for a bit.

Sunday was pretty sad. Everyone was sad that I was leaving. I bore my testimony and thought back on how much I had learned here. Basically everything. I'm gunna miss this place a ton. Hermana Amparo cried as she tried to say good bye to me. She's like my substitute grandma and our relationship is awesome. After medio dia Elder Beuden wanted to practice getting around everywhere so we did some area tests and walked around passing by members houses to say good bye. Basically no one was home haha. We ended where I started and Consuelo and Enrique's and had a great time there with them. They are awesome!

Today I finally got my residency card! Super excited about that. My train leaves tonight at 10:30 pm and so I am going to be hanging out here until tonight. Wish me luck in El Ferrol!

Elder Franklyn

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ping-Pong/Dining Table

¡Mis amados hermanos y hermanas!

Well all is well here in Fuenlabrada. Training is going good and I am learning a ton! This week was a little on the hard side but we have been really trying to strengthen the branch here. Difficult work but just have to keep pushing forward.
Thank you for all of your emails and support!

Last Monday was great! We relaxed a bit to give our bodies some rest and then at night we met with Wisdom, who is a friend of Mikes. Not sure if I have already said this but he took the lessons in England and then moved to Switzerland. He is down here for a bit because he and Mike go way back but he wants to be baptized with us!   He's pretty ready and we could have a little surprise baptism here in Fuenla haha.

Tuesday was great. We are beautifing the chapel a little bit and finishing off our missionary board which is looking great!   We had lunch with Andrew and he taught us how to make Fufu and vegetable soup which is some amazing Nigerian food. After medio dia we met up with a less active named Jesus Conde and went to another less active members named Estela. We had a good lesson with them!

Wednesday morning we prepared some paperwork for our meeting with the President that night . After medio dia, we went to pass by many peoples houses but no one was home. We ended with the meeting with the branch president which actually went really well. During the meeting he called up David Guzman and told him that he was going to be called as our mission leader! We are really excited about that.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference in Pavones! It was awesome and I learned a tooon. We got haircuts while we here there too which was great. When we got back to Fuenla we had a meeting with Mike and talked about him sharing the gospel with his friends. He is really excited about missionary work but has a lot of other stressful things on his mind as well. After, we met with Jesus Conde again and we went over family history and had him show us a few things.

On Friday we had to plan the week during the morning because we missed it on Thursday and it was actually a really good planning session. We are definitely getting better at it. We then went to Carlos Murillos for lunch and had a great time with them. After, we met up with Purificacion to start her family history work. She doesn't know too much about computers and didn't even have an email account but we got Jesus Conde to meet with us and got her all situated. She's really interested! After we met up with the President at the chapel and headed to Ana's to help her buy her glasses. Jesus Conde tagged along too which was great. After we had Noche de Hogar which was wonderful and I really felt the spirit. we talked about sharing our light and how we can help the lives of others.

Saturday it started to rain and it hasn't stopped since! In the morning we made some calls to everyone about the cooking class we were having at 7 that night. We went out and contacted a little too which was good. After medio dia we headed to Loranca and had a great lesson with John. We set a baptismal date with him which I am really excited for! I hope he follows through! We headed back and made it to the cooking class. A lot of members showed up and Juan Romera came too. He's awesome. We were joking around and having a great time. The class took forever and we ended up having to leave early just to make it home on time. We didn't even get to eat!

Sunday was a decent day. It continued to rain and very little people were in church. Jesus Conde didn't come which was a bummer but we found out that he was in Toledo for the morning. Ana and Andrew came though and lets just say that we have secret plans to get them married haha. David was called as mission leader which was wonderful and Elder Beuden and I gave talks! They went really well and I continue to feel more and more comfortable with spanish. Afer medio dia we had a lesson with Kenny the nigerian lady and we set a baptismal date with her too! She is so receptive and promised to come to church next week. After we called up a woman named Sonia who I had met with before and she said we could come over. She gave us her address and we went to her house. Turns out that this was a different Sonia that I had never met before haha but she was really interested! I remember contacting her though. There wasn't a male home so we had a lesson in the doorway and it went good! She said that she is going to go to noche de hogar on Friday so we are excited about that and that we got a random new investigator! Oh how the Lord works.

Today we have some winter clothes shopping to do for my son, Elder Beuden. I'm really excited about this week and we are going to try our very hardest and re-dedicate our selves to the work. Thank you all for your wonderful examples in my life. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you. Keep up the hard work back there at home.

Elder Franklyn

**Check out our new table we made out of some random stuff we found! One second its a dinner table, the next its a ping pong table! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Photos: Circus was in town so we saw some lions. HUGE We decorated the chapel for the halloween party! Check out my nerd costume! Maxwell (investigator), Juan Romera (inevstigator), and David (member)! Elder Beuden and I having a great time.
Photos: A less active member named Aldo gave me this skateboard deck! I almost cried and lets just say I had a great 30 minutes of exercise the next morning. Halloween Package!!!! The Rama de Fuenlabrada put on a birthday party for all those who had birthdays during October and November. We rocked it. Just an awesome picture of the recent convert Andrew. Looking good on Sunday.
Well its been a while!! Really sorry about last week. Lets just say Elder Echegaray made us late. Haha he came in town so we had lunch with him and Ana but we had to go take him back to his area so its his fault! Well I'll just recap last week quickly and then get on to this week. It was a pretty great week actually and Elder Beuden and I are working very hard together. He has a ton of ideas which is great because usually I have none haha. We had a great lesson with Rosa on Tuesday and she started crying while bearing her testimony on Jesus Christ and during the closing prayer. I am so thankful for the power the Spirit has to bear witness of the truth of the things we teach. Wednesday we had district meeting which went well and we got to finally meet with the Branch President and discuss some important things. Thursday we had the Halloween party which actually turned out really great! Maxwell, an investigator, came and we had a ton of fun. The pres was a little crazy haha but it was great. Friday was our day of miracles. We read in Preach My Gospel about family history work and we were talking about how great it would be to have someone to help us do it. We take out the ward list and a name catches my eye so we visit him. Turns out his name is Jesus Conde and he is a family history specialist. Whaaaaaaaat?!? Yeah that was awesome. Then at 5 we were waiting for the bus which was like 15 minutes late. Heavenly Father made it late because I got a call from Juan Romera, who lives with Hermana Josephina, telling me that we needed to come to give Josephina a blessing because she was in serious pain and could not even get up from her bed. During the blessing, I felt impressed to bless her that she will get up and walk. Just like the John Tanner video, she stood up and walked. Within ten minutes, she was walking around and feeling much better. I know that this church is true. Saturday was great and we met with some members! And then on Sunday everyone cancelled on us and we got some paperwork and other plans done. Well that week was amazing but on to last week! Monday was great and we ate with Ana and Elder Echegaray came. After, we had a lesson with Maxwell which was a little difficult but it turned out decent at the end. Tuesday we had lunch with Andrew and a lesson with Aldo, which was when he gave me that skateboard deck! After we had a great lesson with Radhames and lets say that Elder Beuden is obsessed with him because they both love baseball. Their bond is wonderful! Wednesday we had Zone Training Meeting in Mostoles which went well and I learned a TON. After we met with Hermana Purificacion who is doing good! We ended the night teaching a new investigator named Edgar who is really interested! Thursday we planned the week of course which went great and then basically everyone cancelled on us so we started working on our mission board! (pictures to come) Friday we had intercambios and I was with Elder Gillam here in Fuenla and it was good! We had some good lessons and he had a lot of good advice to share. Saturday we continued to work on the missionary board which is a work of art for two 19 year old kids. Then we had the birthday party at 7 which was wonderful and really fun! Juan Romera loved it haha Sunday was great! Church was really good and especially amazing because we had the primary program! We have a big primary here actually and it was wonderful. Ana came too and she enjoyed it. After we had lunch with the Camacho's and had a lesson with an old investigator named Bright. Mike came with us because they are both Nigerian and he made the lesson. We tried to visit some less active members but no one was home. Today has been great! We built a table out of some scraps of wood and unused desks we found. I'll send some pictures when I take some and we are gunna try to convert it into a ping pong table for some medio dia fun! The mission is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know that this church is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ really has been restored on the earth again. I love you all so much and know that I am praying for you! Elder Franklyn