Monday, November 25, 2013


Monday, November 24, 2013

Family and friends!!!

Well I pretty much got sideswiped on Saturday night. Transfer calls came in and they are sending me up north to a city called El Ferrol! Its right above Portugal and its gunna be crazy!

This week was pretty good. I don't have a ton of time but I'll cruise through it.

On monday we went to Parque Sur to get some winter clothes and at night had a lesson with Juan Romera to help prep him for his baptism. They made us eat a tonnnn of churros and I felt a little sick after haha.

Tuesday was great! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Sandra. She's Nigerian and really awesome! Mike came with us and made the lesson super great. She has a family too and so we are excited to meet with them. After we met with Esteban and he basically dropped us which is sad but then had correlation with David which went great!

Wednesday we went to the Temple which was amazing and I felt the spirit so strongly. After, we had intercambios and so I was with Elder Stevenson who's from Chino CA!! It went well and we had a lesson with Purificacion. At night we went to Consuelo and Enrique's to help Consuelo with her talk. It went great!

Thursday we worked hard and had a lesson with Amparo which went great and then Maxwell. He still has a ton of questions but we are answering them bit by bit. After we went to David's to talk about a few things and we had a great time discussing all of our ideas.

Friday we planned the week which went good. Bummer I'm not gunna be here. After we went to Carlos Murillo's and had some good food and shared a great lesson! Then we contacted some references in the street and then had a lesson with a less active girl named Jessica. She's only 20 but really awesome and super strong. Then we had clase de ingles and noche de hogar which both went great. We shared a lesson on Nefi building the boat and it was awesome.

Saturday we didn't have too much but we ended up contacting a good amount of our references that we had. We had a lesson with John which went amazingly and he is actually really interested in baptism. Hopefully we can get him to progress and come to church! After we went contacting again and passed by some members. That night I got the call and freaked out for a bit.

Sunday was pretty sad. Everyone was sad that I was leaving. I bore my testimony and thought back on how much I had learned here. Basically everything. I'm gunna miss this place a ton. Hermana Amparo cried as she tried to say good bye to me. She's like my substitute grandma and our relationship is awesome. After medio dia Elder Beuden wanted to practice getting around everywhere so we did some area tests and walked around passing by members houses to say good bye. Basically no one was home haha. We ended where I started and Consuelo and Enrique's and had a great time there with them. They are awesome!

Today I finally got my residency card! Super excited about that. My train leaves tonight at 10:30 pm and so I am going to be hanging out here until tonight. Wish me luck in El Ferrol!

Elder Franklyn

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