Monday, September 2, 2013

Family and Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little excited. Its just that I finished my first transfer out here in the field and its awesome!! So I wanted to start this off with answering a question from my sister, Cassie. She asked me why it was so sad when our appointments fall through. I've been thinking about that alot this week and in all honesty, it is simply because I know that the lessons we have to teach our investigators are true and that it can bless their lives in ways that they can't even imagine. I know its true with all my heart. I wouldn't be thousands of miles away from my friends and family if I had a hunch that what I was teaching might be true. I know that this is true because I have felt in my heart that these things are true and I have seen the blessings that we are promised come to pass in my life. I feel the hand of the Lord in my life every day while I am out here. It is truly amazing. In other news, I am staying in Fuenlabrada with my companion Elder Echegaray. The cool thing is that Elder Echegaray just got called to be the District Leader down here! We were talking about it and he said something really cool. He told me "somos lideres de distrito ahora y tenemos que ser ejemplos por nuestros misionarios." That translates to "we are district leaders now and we have to be examples to our missionaries." The cool thing to me is that he doesn't consider himself a district leader but that we are both in this together. We are growing so close and I look up to his example a ton. I am going to learn so much! Monday!! Well we played futbol like I said which was super fun but I started to feel really sick after. Not sure what was up. After, we headed out and contacted for a while and actually found a less active member named Maria Angeles. Basically she had been offended by another woman in the branch yeaars back and still can't get over it. Be nice!! Tuesday! Pretty solid day! We had a lesson with a man named Juan who is a new investigator of ours and is pretty interested in hearing more! Very spiritual lesson and I think he was touched by our testimonies. After we went off to Loranca by bus and had a lesson with John, one of our Nigerian investigators. He hasn't been reading and will not pray with us and so it is difficult to measure where he is at. We are gunna focus on those two things for our next lesson because they are important!! After we had a lesson with Jesus Jr. which went great and then headed off to Consuelo and Enrique's house. They are amazing and I always feel so comfortable with them. I have a picture too! Wednesday! Well we had our last district meeting with everything being the same which was weird but exciting. The AP's were there and it ended up being the best district meeting that I have been in so far. After, we had a lesson with Purificacion and set a smoking goal for her which I hope she follows. Ahh I am running low on time. Thursday was pretty good but a harder day. We planned the week and had a lesson with Paul who definitely can feel the spirit and is reading a lot in the Book of Mormon! Friday was good but sad. Enrique is leaving to go find work in Ecuador and so we had the opportunity to give his family a blessing during Noche de Hogar. I blessed both of the children in Spanish which was super difficult but I got through it. Saturday was good and I went on another intercambio to Mostoles! Love those missionaries over there and we worked hard. Sunday was great actually and I learned a ton! We contacted super hard and had two lessons with a woman in the park named Virginia and I taught the second hour. Mike, our nigerian friend, is now a full fledged member and hasn't missed a sunday in over a month! Well I have got to head out but I just want to thank all of you for your letters and love. I feel it! Thank you all and keep working hard! I love you!! Elder Franklyn The photo below is of: Consuelo, Enrique, Jessica, y Esteven (and Elder Franklyn!)

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