Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 - Conference Weekend!

Another week has passed by here in Fuenlabrada! The time seems to be going by more quickly but we are also beginning to see more fruit from the work that we have accomplished here. This week will mark my fourth month as a missionary and it has gone by quickly! Only 20 more months left! Haha but I know I'll enjoy every one of them. Well for P Day last week we went to El Sol like I talked about last time and it was really fun! After we had a lesson with Marinela and her family. They are from Romania and I kind of feel like Elder Mayans over here. Just wish I knew some more Romanian. Or any... We taught them about the Book of Mormon and it went good! Tuesday we had an intercambio with the elders in Parla and so I was with Elder Baker again and I stayed here in Fuenlabrada. It went really well! We had a lesson with Ana in her door way adn we read 2 Nephi 31 with her which she loved. Then we contacted for a while and actually had a lesson with a man named Jorsh who is from Bulgaria in a park. That night we went to Hermana Consuelo's house and ate some cheese empenadas and had a short lesson with her. Juan Romero came too and our relationship continues to grow better! Wednesday was a hard day. It started out great with our Zone Training meeting but after, a bunch of people canceled on us. We ended up having a lesson with Purificacion and we talked strictly about steps that she needs to take to quit smoking. Her record to date is still 3 a day but we just need to push a little bit more to the end. After we stopped by Marinela's and gave her a Romanian Book of Mormon because we didn't have one before. After we went out to pass by a few houses and no one was home and a few people just didn't want to see us. We tried hard that night but didn't see much success. Thursday was amazing. We planned the week which was a little boring but good and I learned alot about recieving answers through prayer. We prayed a lot about Ana and decided that we needed to set a date with her to be baptized. After Medio Dia, we went straight to Ana's. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set a date with her to be baptized. I'm gunna leave you guys hanging a little and not tell you when but just wait for a picture of some good looking people in white haha. She is such a blessing for us and I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for her in my mission. We can't do anything without His Holy Spirit and He has blessed us through our obedience to have the opportunity to teach her this wonderful message. After we had a lesson with Esteban the spaniard which went really well and we actually set a date with him to be baptized on the 26. He agreed hesitantly but told us of some experiences in which he has seen signs that he needs to get baptized. It truly was amazing. After we went out contacting and recieved a few good references and ended the night on a great note. Friday we had another intercambio with the elders from Mostoles and I.... stayed in Fuenlabrada again haha. Third time in a row but I am learning a ton and had a great time with Elder Malan. He's from Draper Utah! We had a blast together. We contacted for a bit in the morning and had a little success from a guy that was practically yelling at us but we had a lunch appointment with Hermano Carlos Murillo which went great! The food was booomb. After medio dia, we had a lesson with a new investigator named David. It went really well and he is really interested in the Book of Mormon! After we went to Amparo's and shared a little message which went well. Then we taught English class with Purificacion as our only student but it was fun! Noche de Hogar didn't happen because no one showed up but we went out contacting and had a lot of success. We met a man named Sergio and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and he told us he would read the whole thing! Good day! Saturday was great!! We switched back in the morning and then had a lesson with Mike! It went really good and he is trying to be better every day. After medio dia, we had to basically head straight to Pavones to watch general conference at 6. It was the morning session and I watched it in spanish with Elder Echegaray and it was amazing! I was suprised how much I understood and how good my notes are on it. We headed back after taking a few photos by the temple and arrived back at 9:55 so we went straight to planning. It was a great day though! Sunday was even better! They held priesthood at 11 but we couldn't go because we went to Ana's at 12:30 to take her and her two kids, Ashley and Leandro, to watch general conference with us! It was the farthest she had travelled with the two little ones, only being 3 and 1 years old, and my faith grew a bunch by seeing her excercise hers. We watched the 2 o'clock session with them in spanish which went good but I was mostly wrangling the little ones to give her a chance to listen. After we walked around the temple grounds a bit and took some pictures and then took them back to the train station. At 6 we watched the last session and I finally got to see it in english!!!! It was amazing and I learned sooo much. Conference is amazing! Today we are going to Parque Sur, the mall not the park, to eat food and bowl with a bunch of other missionaries!! I am super excited and know it'll be a blast! I love you all and thank you for all of your emails and love! You're the people who make this work possible! Keep it up. Elder Franklyn

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