Monday, April 14, 2014

"Exhausted But Wouldn't Want to Be Anywhere Else"

April 14, 2014

Hey Hey Hey!!!!

Well this week has been nuts! Super crazy, super busy, super tiring, super rewarding. I don't have too much time but I'll hit the highlights.

On Monday night, I got a ton of calls from this less active member named Carlos who dished out probably every single cuss word I have ever heard in the Spanish language to me over the phone and said that I was a joke of a missionary and a disgrace to the Church. He slammed the phone up on me and so I called him back to see why he was so mad. The same thing happened again with some words I don't know in Spanish and slammed the phone up again. I had never met the guy and never even talked to him but his number was in our phone. We visited his house on Tuesday and he came to church with us on Sunday. Turns out he has an amazing collection of music in his house and even though he yelled me out, we became friends.

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with the missionaries in A Coruña and we had an interview with a 10 year old girl who got baptized on Saturday! She was so ready and I was nervous because it was my first interview but it went great!

On Friday I went on an exchange to Santiago and I was with Elder Becerra. We were supposed to have an interview but it had to get pushed back. We spent about 4 hours in the street contacting and I was dead when I got home haha. We ended up finding two Dominican kids though that are super ready and it was a true miracle that we met them. We had a lesson with them there and they seemed really excited to learn more.

On Sunday we had 77 members in church with a less active family and about 3 or 4 other less active members there. It was amazing to see the success of our hard work with them and we saw one of them paying his tithing! So great to see. Two recent converts are working on receiving the priesthood as well and it just makes me so happy to see them progress in the Church. Gotta love the mission!

Well I am exhausted to be honest but I don't want to be anywhere else. I am so happy to be here in Spain and just love the people here so much. I know that the church is true and that I am here serving the Lord. There is not a doubt in my mind.

Love you all!

Elder Franklyn

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