Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015 Chicharro!!

Chicharreros verdaderos y chicharreras verdaderas...

This week, I ate chicharro!! The people here are called Chicharreros because back in the day the majority of the people here were fishermen who fished for a certain type of fish called chicharro. So I ate some chicharro heads and my companion didn't feel super good after. I was okay though and it actually tasted pretty good! Let's just say that that was definitely not the weirdest thing I've eaten in the mission. 

All is well out here in Tenerife. Sometimes I think that I'm just stuck out on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and then I realize that I am and that makes me smile. The work here is going good! This week we walked a lot in the street which is always fun but we also had some bomb lessons! Let's take a look and see...

(I'm gunna do this investigator by investigator)

Norma y Marco - Cubans. Mother and son. Bossesssss. They've come to church twice and we had a great lesson with them this last week. After they came to church yesterday, a Cuban family invited them over to their house to eat and the Cuban members (Gabriela and Nanda) told us that they were talking to them about the Church and about baptism and Norma said that she wanted to get baptized with Elder Koeven and I because we were the first ones to teach them. Máquinas.

Karla - Guatemalteco. 17 years old. She is doing good. Her mom is not letting her get baptized though but she loves the Church and feels the Spirit really strongly with us. She doesn't turn 18 until January so hopefully she can stay strong until then! Oh she also said that she wanted to go out contacting in the street with us.

Sula - This is a weird story. I'm not going to go into all the details here. She is a friend of a member and she's really nice but we aren't sure about how much true intent she has. In our second lesson she said that she wanted to meet with the sisters instead of us because she "can't understand anything that we say." Talk about pride check to the spanish skills. We passed her to the sisters to say the least.

Daniel Cabrera - Boss. Semi less active. He is doing really good. He didn't come to church this week but he has been reading in the Book of Mormon everyday since we made a contract with him that he signed haha. He is awesome though and we feel that he is progressing alot.

Well we have a lot of work ahead of us and I am excited to keep working here in Santa Cruz. Elder Koeven is down for the count after eating some Chinese food and fish heads but hopefully he will be recouperating quickly. I love this work and I know that this is Jesus Christ's Church on the earth. I love being a missionary and I will miss the good times and the bad times out here. I love the mission.

Elder Franklyn

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