Monday, April 13, 2015

My last transfer

Santa Cruz Friends

Elder Koeven and Elder Ward

Family and Friends!

So last Saturday the transfers came out!  I'm staying in Santa Cruz!  And I'm staying with Elder Koeven! Strangely, today is actually the first day of my last transfer as a missionary. The time has flown by but there is still more ahead of me! 

This week was good! On Tuesday I went on intercambios to La Laguna and I was with Elder Smith! It was really fun and we had some good lessons there in La Laguna. Meanwhile, Elder Koeven and Elder Ward had a lesson with Karla. She is doing great but she told us that her mother is not okay with her getting baptized or coming to church... Karla is soo ready but we just need to help her over this little but important obstacle! We are going to try and meet with her mom sometime to present ourselves and help her have a better understanding of the church. Poco a poco.

We also had this booomb meeting with a less active kid named Daniel Cabrera. His parents are worried about him so we went over to their house when the parents weren't there to see what we could do. We started reading the Book of Mormon with him and ended up getting him to sign a contract with us that we made on a piece of paper that if he reads everyday we will come over every Tuesday and Thursday to talk with him. He really likes us but is just struggling with a few things. It seems to be working though because he came to church on Sunday and that was the first time that I had seen him at church! He is a great kid but just needs a little help. 

On Saturday we had a wonderful day! A lesson with a less active kid named Airán in the morning and a lesson with Richard our investigator. Richard is doing good but he just doesn't want to accept that what we teach is true even though he knows it is. Poco a poco. In the afternoon we FINALLY met with Antonio the dominican again! We had a suuper good lesson with him but he told us that he can't go to church on Sundays because of work. He is still fantastic and actually gave us a basketball. Love that guy! After that lesson we went to the church for Susana's baptism! The sisters were teaching her and she was golden! I'm not sure if I told you about this but we actually received her reference twice but the sisters had already gotten in contact with her. It was a wonderful baptism though and we had a really good lesson with Gabriela after.

Sunday was awesome too! Great day at church and then we went to Gabriela's and Maria Fernanda's house after! Gabi is the only member of the church in the family and is such a light to everyone. I looove this family so much! The mission is soo much better when you just fall in love with the people you are serving. I love the mission and I love Tenerife and I love Spain. I am so grateful to be able to serve here as a missionary. I know that God Himself has sent me here and I know that this Church is true. I miss you all and I love you all as well.

Elder Franklyn

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