Monday, August 19, 2013

Familia y mis amigos!!!

Thank you all for your love and support. This week has been a tough one but I am learning more than I ever thought I could. I hope all of you are doing well and I love reading all of your letters. I don't have too much time today but I'll do my best. The keyboards here are weird too. Tuesday! Pretty rough day haha. We started out with a lesson with a man named Garvey. It was easily the worst lesson that I have had and basically he was yelling at us and quoting scriptures at the top of his lungs against our beliefs. But we still ended with a prayer which was good haha. After we had a lesson with our good friend Mike who is definitely progressing and I would count him as a full fledged member now! After we went to Consuelo and Enriques which was great and they gave us some super weird but good food and this drink that was basically milk, sugar, and blended up zuccini but I enjoyed it. Wednesday was our district meeting and I taught a section about baptism. My spanish is definitely coming along and I did well even though the Zone Leaders were there. The rest of the day was hot with a lot of walking. Thursday! Good but hard. We walked a ton and there weren't too many people in the street. We did have a lesson with Esteban though which went super well! He is progressing tremendously. Friday! Half hard, half amazing haha. The beginning was rough and we had a difficult lesson with a pastor named Aloy but he opened up in the end. After we finally had English Class and I got to teach! It went well! After we taught Bright which was decent and then we headed to Solange and Rafael's. Solange told us that she knows it is true and is ready to be baptized but Rafael doesn't have as solid of a testimony. But he is almost there! Saturday! One of the harder days on my mission haha. 4 of our lessons fell through but we did have a great lesson with a man named John who is really interested in hearing more. Sunday was great! President and Sister Jackson came to our church building and stayed for the first two hours! It was great to see them and I taught the second hour and they were amazed at my Spanish skills haha. Even though I knew I messed up a ton. Oh and basically they told us that we are going to be staying in Fuenlabrada together for another transfer! Im excited about that! The rest of the day was hard and 5 of our lessons fell through. Today has been great and we went bowling in Madrid with a bunch of missionaries! Super fun!! Love you all and thank you for everything!! Elder Franklyn

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