Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week three in Fuenlabrada is done and on to week four!!

Can't believe that I have already been living in Fuenlabrada for three weeks. So crazy! This week went really well/hard/hot/tiring/everything! Haha one thing is for sure: the days are long and the nights are short. I am learning a ton though and Elder Echegaray and I came so much closer this week which is great. We are super good friends and he loves to joke around and repeats English words that he knows at hilarious times haha. Tuesday was really hard and hot but really rewarding!! A buuuunch of our lessons fell through in the morning and so we contacted a lot. It was really hard and I was frustrated a bit but we ended up getting 11 refferals which is my record so far! Later on we had a lesson with Margarita which went good and she is continuing to read a bunch which is good. I really hope her testimony is growning but we just need her to have a greater desire to be baptized I think. We are working hard. After we had a lesson with Consuelo and Enrique who are recent converts and I lead the lesson for the first time. They sent us home with some super good food which I always love. Wednesday was like the "less active" day haha. Well we had our district meeting at noon which Elder Echegaray and I taught which went really well and I am feeling more comfortable with my Spanish which is always good. After we had a lesson with our less active Nigerian friend Mike who is super awesome and really wants to make a change in my life. He even asked me what the LDS marriage life is like which I didn't really know how to respond but I said that it is the best marriage life you can have. He has a girlfriend who is investigating the church in Nigeria and I am so greatful to have such wonderful parents as an example for me and so I was able to tell him a little about them. After we had a lesson with Amparo who is also less active. It went well and she always gives us chocolate milk and cookies which is great. I might have said that before but its just great! Then we had a lesson with Jesus Jr. who is a recent convert and only 11 years old. He is great but a little shy. I led the lesson on the plan of salvation which went well! Thursday! We took the train to Humanes and taught a recent convert named Andrew in his home. He lives with other people who have little kids so it was pretty loud but it went good. After, two of our lessons were cancelled and so we contacted around for a bit which went well. I am getting better and better. One of the good things is that Elder Echegaray always corrects me and tells me how I could have done better which is obviously kind of hard but its good because I can make changes. I learn so much! Friday was half and half. The beginning of the day was a bit hard and long but the evening went by quick. We had a lesson with a semi investigator named Juaquin who owns a little shop by the train station so we always get a soda and some candy from him. We taught about the Gospel of Christ and it went well but I just feel like he isn't entirely interested all the time. After we contacted for a while and then had medio dia of course. After, we had a lesson with a less active member named Purificacion, who has smoking problems, and we had a great lesson on hope. When we meet with her I can tell that she feels the Spirit and really wants to make a change in her life, but she doesn't follow through the rest of the week which is hard. After we had English Class and noooooooooooo one showed!! I have all of this planned stuff to teach but don't get to teach it! I ended up teaching Elder Echegaray a bit which was fun and he knows more than he thinks. When we contact English speaking people in the street he always throws out a "Where are you from?" or something which is awesome. He just needs more practice. After we had a meeting with the Branch President and I think he is starting to realize that we need help and that he can give us that help. It is difficult without a ward mission leader but we do what we can. I hope all of the members in my ward are helping out with the missionary effort because it is so important to me!! After we went straight to Solange and Rafaels apartment to teach them. We taught the Gospel of Christ and their questions were great. I can realllly see them improving and learning. Rafaels mom and dad are members and they all live together so they made us some Brazilian food named Fedjuada (I think thats how you spell it) which was suuuuper good and they gave us some to take home as well (SCORE!). Saturday was probably the hottest day of the week I think. It hit around 42 degrees Centigrade which is preeetty hot. All four of our lessons fell through too which was a bummer. The weekends are always hard though and a lot of people are on vacation so its understandable but still hard. We hit the street HARD and contacted a lot though and were pretty successful. Not much else happened. Sunday was good but also kinda sad. We only had 20 members in sacrament on Sunday and I felt like we had worked harder than ever this week. Mike came which was good and a semi investigator Anibal made it too which was great. Elder Echegaray and I taught the second hour on the Word of Wisdom. Andrew the recent convert came too. He's awesome. I basically just translated during all three hours for Mike who only speaks English and Nigerian which is good practice but sometimes hard depending on who is speaking. After church we ate some Fedjuada and then hit the streets and met a man named Isaac next to one of the metro stops. It was our first lesson with him and we taught the Restoration which was good. He has a lot of questions and I think he is interested. He kept saying "Oh, voy a leer esto libro, voy a leer." Which translates to "Oh, I am going to read this book, I am going to read." He seems really interested in the Book of Mormon which is great! After, we continued to contact and ended the week out with 37 total referrals which is pretty decent in my opinion during the summer in Fuenlabrada. Today is P day and its hot but good! I went to go get a haircut but the owner went on vacation and the place is closed for like 2 weeks. Thats kind of just how things go here though. I am loving the mission and although it is hard, its worth every minute of it. I am learning so much that I know I would never learn otherwise and I know that I am going to learn more and more. Can't wait to start week four and work hard! Thank you all for everything! Elder Franklyn p.s. Shout out to Shubin: That toenail that I stubbed at your house when we were swimming and making that video finally fell off!!

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