Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 - El Ferrol!

 Packing up for transfer!

December 9, 2013

El Ferrol!

Family and friends!!!

Life is awesome up here in El Ferrol!! The work is progressing so well and we are seeing miracles daily!! Like literally though. It is awesome and I know exactly why President Jackson moved me here. I feel so blessed and am just loving it.  First off, El Ferrol is super close to the sea, and it is having some of the best weather in all of Spain right now!   I heard Ryan is having some good weather too and its the same thing here!  Not a drop of rain here yet and the members say it never snows here! Stoked!  Elder McWhorter and I are best buds already and he is dead set on getting me to watch Wicked with him after the mission. Haha the only down side is that most of the people in the streets are old Spaniard Gallegans who don't want annnyyything to do with religion. We had some guy tell us that he believes in the Bible but that the miracles performed by Jesus weren't miracles and that God can't perform miracles of any sort. Crazy! Kids often ridicule us in the street as well and call us names that we don't understand but we are rolling with the punches and carrying on.

Last monday night we went to a members house named Armando and ate dinner with him and his wife. They are also Cuban and we had some great food with them. Lets just say that we are obsessed with Guayaba.

Tuesday was a bit rough. We tried to find a lesson in the morning or at least a less active member but no one was home. We ate lunch with the First Counselor and his wife which was suuper good and taught them a sweet lesson. After medio dia we worked hard in the street and contacted a few referrals we had. Two of the youth here, Emiel y Jaelson, were supposed to come to a lesson with us but it canceled so they decided they wanted to go out contacting! We did and got shot down by every single person in the street but they had a great time and learned alot about missionary work.

Wednesday was sweet. We had our reunion de distrito in A Coru├▒a and got some sad news that one of our missionaries is going home. He just didn't have any more desires to be out and decided he was through one day. Its hard out here but thats never an excuse to go home. The 1980 USA hockey team didn't go home and I am never going home. Props to Elder Grochmal for the Miracle idea. After medio dia we had correlation with our ward mission leader. It went well but he's basically a less active member so we have work to do. At night we had a lesson with Patricia and her family, Juan Jesus, and Antonio all of which went really well. We even set a fecha with Antonio!

Thursday we did some work. We planned the week of course and then went to our mission leaders house to have lunch with him and his family. He's only 20 and so his mom made us some pizza. Score! One of the sons plays the guitar so I got some shredding in and showed off my skills with Sweet Child of Mine and Johnny B Goode. I still got it. After we had a lesson with an old man named Manuel. Not sure if he understands everything. Later we had Clase de Ingles which went really well and we had 4 people there which is a mission high for me! At night we taught Antonio again and ate at Irina's (the cuban family) and taught Alex, another cuban who is living at their house.

Friday was good but hard. The morning blew and no one was available. After medio dia we had a lesson with a different Manuel who had a problem with the law of tithing. Then we met with Zorkan, another Cuban, and taught a lesson with him and his wife. His wife is super interested and became a new investigator!

Saturday was bomb. The mornings are always hard and people just really don't want to hear from us in the street. After medio dia we had a lesson with Kadir who is sooo cool but just won't come to church. Later on we had another sweet lesson with Zorkan and his wife and they fed us dinner too! Love the Cubans. At night we had a lesson with Patricia and her family and it was so awesome. They are so ready.

Sunday blew my mind. We went to go pick up some investigators and with the help of our Heavenly Father, we had 8 investigators show up to church!  We were soo excited and so happy they all came. A good amount of them stayed for all 3 hours too which was awesome. We spent medio dia with Irina and Emiel who always are willing to feed us. She always tells us that her house is our house and that if we want anything just go get it haha she's awesome. After medio dia we had a lesson with a man named John Alexander which went really good! We invited him to be baptized as well and he agreed to a date! Not much else happened after that and we got cancelled on by a ton of people but all in all it was a great day.

Today we cleaned our piso, bought food, and took a bomb nap.  Elder McWhorter and I are so excited for the work here and working so hard together. He's an awesome guy and lets just say "I can tell that we are gunna be friends."

Much love,
Elder Franklyn

 Train Ride to El Ferrol...

Bridge on our hike

 We hiked to an old monastery

 Hike to a waterfall

 Some El Ferrol Christmas lights in the town center...

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