Monday, December 16, 2013

My Piso in El Ferrol... etc.

 Some photos of our apartment - it's nice!!

 (that's me, above, knocking on a bad address.. haha!!)

Hello all!

Wellllllll this is it!!!

My last email before I see some of your shining faces over skype on Christmas day! Oh cool thing is that I hit my 6 month mark this past week. I tried not to think about it or bring it up but Elder McWhorter congradulated me haha. Its going by too fast!! But I am loving it. Some days are hard but looking back, its just amazing. This week was trying but I learned a lot and we worked really hard.

Well Monday was sweet! We got some stuff done and then had a lesson with Antonio who is progressing like the 73 year old Gallegan he is and asked us questions about the higher and lower priesthood. Oh and about the New Jerusalem. Basically the guy knows everything and is super ready. After we had a great lesson with Patricia and her family! They are going to get baptized this weekend!! All 4 of them! It is so exciting and awesome and they are soo ready. After we stopped by a members house to grab some food and then hit the bed haaard.

Tuesday was rad too. We had a lesson in the morning with a less active member named Julio. It went really good and he knows what he has to do but he just needs to act on it. His daughter Amanda was there too and she is awesome and preparing to serve a mission. After we had a lesson with a new investigator named Leandro from Brazil! He is really interested and so we have high hopes with him. After we had a  lesson with Manuel and basically explained why he needs to be baptized. He has been an investigator for 9 years or so and just has a problem with the law of tithing. We taught with love though of course and I hope we had an impact on him. After that everyone cancelled so we went out contacting and had a little success.

Wednesday we had district meeting which was really good and I enjoyed it alot. The drive there and back on the bus is sooooo awesome and I finally feel like I'm in Spain. After, we had a lesson with Zorkan which went good. He is pretty stressed out about work but hopefully things will go well for him.   After we had a great lesson with Daniel who is seriously soo ready and interested in the gospel. He just needs some sort of extra push to come to church and we honestly never know when he is going to be home which is difficult. Then we had a lesson with Patricia and her family which was wonderful.  We taught her about temples and about modern day prophets which they all enjoyed a ton. They had a ton of questions but we answered them really well. Thanks Spirit!

Thursday we planned the week of course and then went to eat at Rosa's. She has like 4 sons and one of them plays the guitar so I got to shred a little with him. It was really fun and we are getting closer with that family. After we contacted for a while and then taught English class. It was really good actually and the branch pres even came! His english is super good and turns out he loves skateboarding!! Score!! He's so awesome. After we taught a lesson with Antonio on tithing and fasting and he accepted everything. He's amazing. Then we had a lesson with Zorkan. He's still stressed out so we taught him about reading, praying and coming to church. I hope he finds the same strength I do in those things!

Friday was rouuuugh. Literally everyone cancelled on us and we couldn't find a lesson the whole entire day. We passed by so many houses and no one was home. At around 6 some members invited us to go play volleyball with them so we did and it was awesome. I got to relieve some stress but was  still bummed about the day. We came home dead tired and just hit the bed.

Saturday was good. We had a lesson with Kadir and Marlene in the morning. Their friend Rigoberto was there too and he seemed really interested. After medio dia we set some lessons and then went to Patricia's. She wasn't home but Jose and their daughters were there so we taught them about tithing and fasting.  It was literally the last lesson we needed to teach them,  and  everything went perfectly.  So awesome!

Sunday was good at first but then tanked. We had 8 investigators in church which was amazing. Zorkan didn't come which was a bummer but Leandro did! We had the primary christmas program which was soo great and all of our investigators said they loved it. The members were soo inviting and friendly too which is awesome. Gotta love it! After everyone cancelled on us so we passed by a ton of members and less active members houses but no one was home or didn't have time. We ended the night at Irina's house, the Cubans, and she made us some food. We talked to her about some friends she has and she's stoked on missionary work.

Today we are trying to get our haircut but the barber bailed on us!  (just like some of our investigators). Galicia is hard but I am learning a lot. Elder McWhorter and I are best friends. The guys super funny and we are having a blast together. A lot of people here are very old and don't want much to do with us and one guy cussed us out in English and told us to go home the other day because we are sinners who are trying to capture people but whatevs! The work progresses! I know this church is true and I love it with all of my heart.

I have never felt so close to Jesus Christ before.

Elder Franklyn

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