Monday, February 3, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain


Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas,

Well, the rain hasn't stopped here in El Ferrol haha. It has gotten a bit colder too and hails every now and then but I don't think it will snow anytime soon. The work is going good, although a bit slow these days. This week we found four new investigators who all have some potential to progress! Two of them are a couple named Henry and Sandra who are really awesome. They should be leaving in March to go back to Columbia but we will see what we can do until then. The branch here is going good and we had a District Conference this weekend which was awesome.

On Monday we played volleyball with the members again which was pretty awesome. Then we had noche de hogar which was almost perfect. We watched the Restoration video and right as Joseph Smith had the first vision this little girl spilled juice like everywhere. It was pretty funny but the Spirit wasn't very strong. After we went to Armando's and ate a toooon of food. Leonardo, Monica, and Emiel were there too so it was a party.

Tuesday was pretty awesome. We started knocking pisos (apartments) and got 7 referrals and had a lesson. After medio dia we met with Enrique and had an awesome lesson with him. Then we headed to a less active lady's named Victoria. She and her husband were baptized a few years back and he is really sick recently and so she can't come to church. She really liked the visit though! Then we had a lesson with Antonio and we watched the Restauracion video which was awesome. We ended the day at Leonardo's and taught him about the temple. He told us he might be taking a trip down to Madrid on the 6th!

Wednesday we had District Meeting which was great. I did a little practice with the missionaries on answering questions directly and it went well. Lesson wise was rough because a lot of people bailed on us. We has a lesson with the less active member Flor and her husband which was really awesome. We had a noche de hogar with them and then Guillermo's parents came over and we sang some songs and played the guitar a little haha. It was fun.

Thursday we had a lesson with Manuel in the morning which went well but he still doesn't want to do anything. Then we planned the week which was good. After medio dia we had a lesson with Luciano which went really good. He seems a lot more ready but the only problem is that he is not married to the woman he lives with... Bummer... Then we had clase de ingles which went great. We taught some members how to pray and they seemed to enjoy it. Then we walked to Henry's house to see if he was there. It was like a 25 minute walk. He wasn't there. Haha we set up another appointment with him though and headed to Irina's. We taught Leonardo a bit more about the temple and it went well.

Friday we had a lesson with Armando the investigator in the morning. It went really well and he committed to come to church. Then we fiiiinallllly had a lesson with Henry and Sandra. They are soooo awesome!! Henry is soo interested in the Book of Mormon and had some awesome questions for us. We explained everything as clearly as we could and he told us that he wanted to read it. Over and over again he said: This is really interesting. This is really interesting. Sandra as well was interested and they both know exactly how to find an answer! They are awesome. Then we went to John Alexanders house with Guillermo and Wendy but he wasn't home. After that we had a lesson with Patricia and Jose which was awesome. We read some scriptures and they gave us some amazingly good food. They are awesome.

Saturday was pretty good too. We had a lesson with Jacobo in the morning. He has been really sick like everyone else here recently and told us he wants to find an answer. Then we went to Marlene's with Nati and taught Marlene about the Atonement of Christ. It was kind of a wing-it lesson but it went soo good and Nati and I both started crying because the spirit was so strong. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes. She is trying to change her work schedule to come to church so big hopes for her. Then we went to Nati's and had lunch and she gave me a haircut which was something I needed. After that we had the District Conference. It was televised from Santiago to all of the chapels so we didn't have to travel. They had a priesthood session and then an adults session. We watched both and it was really good although the camera was suuper ghetto and we could barely see anything. That lasted like the whole afternoon basically.

On Sunday we had more of the conference and they actually had a special message from Salt Lake!! Two members of the seventy spoke and Elder Ballard!!!! It was awesome! I loved it and felt the spirit strongly. Henry and Sandra didnt come though and Armando didn't come either. After we went to Irina's and ate some bomb food. After medio dia we had a lesson with the guy we met on Tuesday named Gracian. Then we visited Victoria again and gave a blessing to her husband, Jesus. Her friend Nelly was there and she told us she would like to hear more!! Sweet! We passed by Enriques at night but he was dead tired so we just chatted with him for a bit. Then we headed to Wendy's and had an awesome lesson with Kevin and Nicole about sharing the gospel. It was perfect!

Today, well right now, I'm in A Coruña because President Jackson came up here to have interviews with us! It was rad! Really short but it was good to see him. We ate some food here and are emailing and then we are going to head back soon. Might play volleyball again tonight which will be fun.

The work goes on!

Love you all and I hope you all stay safe whether you are battling the drought or freezing in Idaho/Utah. Keep it up!

Elder Franklyn

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