Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome to Good Burger!

June 30, 2014

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

Thought some of my siblings and friends would get a crack out of that.  Well this week has been INSANE. But good at the same time. I'm still here and no one got lost so that's good. Lets see how much of this last week I remember...

So on Monday we woke up early and all of my plans started going into effect. Missionaries meeting missionaries in train stations, missionaries flying in from the Canaries, missionaries coming down from the north, etc.  What I did though was first we headed down to the temple and met with all of the missionaries that were going home and we took all of their bags to the mission home. From there,  we grabbed all of the missionaries bags that were coming into Madrid from the Islands and headed to the airport. We picked up missionaries there and then drove them to the train station called Chamartín. Then we went back to the mission home and dropped off some stuff we had and then went and had like 2 hours of a p day. After that back to the airport to pick up some more missionaries and drop them off at Chamartín and then back to the airport one more time and I got to pick up my old companion Elder Beuden! It was good to see him again. Then we went to the mission home again and met with all of the missionaries that were going home then. We had to get some stuff from them so we did that and then I let them know all about their travel home arrangements. Then we went back to our piso and went to sleep excited to wake up early the next day.

Tuesday, wake up early, go to the mission home, grab the missionaries going home, take them to the airport. One story/miracle about this is that we were there in Terminal 4 of the Madrid Barajas airport and I am dropping off some missionaries with Elder Ward and I get a call from President Jackson saying that there is a sister missionary who needs to pay for her luggage and she doesn't have enough money. Oh and that her plane was leaving in 15 minutes. I look up her name, realized that she is in the same terminal that I am in and 6'7 Elder Ward and I start running through the airport searching for her. We turn the corner and she is standing right there at the front of the line. I run up, paid her ticket and a security guard came and took her directly to her flight. Heavenly Father really helped me out on that one!   After that we got to meet the NEW MISSIONARIES!!! Back in the mission home, we take them to the temple chapel and we explain what we do as office elders. I felt the Spirit really strongly while I was bearing my testimony to them about the church, the mission, and President Jackson. It was awesome. Then, to another train station called Atocha to drop off a sweeeet portuguese elder named Elder Ávila. Then back to our area for an hour or so and then to bed. 

Wednesday, wake up early, off to the airport. We dropped off Elder Howard who was going to the Canary Islands. He is a stud missionary and will be a goood one for sure. Then back to Chamartín, drop off Elder Dugan who is getting trained by my MTC companion, Elder Dunn. Everything smooth with that. Then to District meeting in. And then to Office meeting back in the office. Everything went well and I figured out more about what I needed to do. After that we had a ton of stuff to get caught up on in the office and so we worked hard and had a lesson that night with Felipe and Isabel which went great. We met Isabel's friend Eva actually and she wants to visit with us! It was a great day.

At this point in the week we had no food but we had the van and so we woke up early, went to the mission home and switched cars, and then bought some food. After that we had weekly planning and then worked hard in the office. In the afternoon we had a great lesson with Valdimir. He is honestly soo prepared and so ready to get baptized but he just doesn't realize it yet. He needs to start coming to church more often as well so we are working more on that. 

Friday! Finally a normal day. We went to the bank in the morning to figure out what was up with our mission card because it stopped working in the middle of transfers and found out it would be working on the first of July so we had to head down to Chamartín to buy some train tickets for some missionaries that needed to go home to get their residency cards. Then we had correlation which was sweet and then we hit the streets finally! I honestly love and appreciate missionary work so much more now. We had family home evening which was awesome. Isabel and Felipe came as well as Vladimir. Good night.

Saturday, back to Chamartín to buy some more tickets by hand. Then we went to the office and I got a ton of stuff done which was good. It has been both good and weird to be here without Elder Rockwood but I am adjusting. After we passed by a few houses and then we had a baptism in the temple chapel. Our chapel doesn't have a baptismal font and since we have 8 missionaries serving here we have to go to other areas for baptisms. It was great though and the girl getting baptized was really wonderful. After we had a great lesson with Guillermo and he is so excited about everything! He is getting closer and closer but still needs to come to church. I have seen his attitude change a lot since we have started teaching him and it just grows my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday was great. We had a good time at church and then we had some great lessons in the afternoon as well. All in all it was just awesome. I have learned so much this week about the mission, about Heavenly Father and about myself.  I know that this Church is true.  I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I know that I have been called by a prophet of God to be here in Spain.   know that I am away from all of you but I know that this is where I need to be. I truly miss you all and hope and pray for the best for you. ¡Sigan adelante y nunca se desvien del camino de Dios! Os quiero mucho. Estáis en mi corazón.

Élder Franklyn

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