Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 24, 2014 - "Crazy" Week

A picture of the best assistant to the ward mission leader ever!! And me too.

Elder Ward playing piano

Lizard in the Pisa

We also redecorated - thank you HGTV

Wellington getting baptized!

We cleaned - alot!

¡Buenas tardes!

Well this week has been CRAZY.

Let me explain...

On Monday we took the ayudantes to the airport for the zone conference up in A Coruña (my old zone!!). Everything went fine with that. That afternoon we had two awesome lessons with Vladimir and Baltazar (a new investigator who is just awesome). The lessons went well! Vladimir still doesn't feel like he needs to get baptized but he is learning a lot every time we meet with him. Baltazar is just a boss. He understands so muuch! He's great and my new favorite person from Ecuatorial Guinea.

Tuesday! We had a lesson with a new investigator named Guillermo in the morning.  He is super nice and really open to learning about God. One thing that he liked alot is that we invited him to look for his own answer from Heavenly Father. I think that makes sense though. Not many people are going to believe in a few kids from America but if they can just kneel down and ask Heavenly Father if what we are sharing is true, they can receive their own answer. They can know for themselves if this is the path that God wants them to take. I really know that God answers our prayers and that He really loves us. Later on we had to pick up President Jackson, Hermana Jackson and the ayudantes from the airport. President and Sister Jackson are just awesome. They love us so much. That night we had another lesson with Baltazar and again, just a boss. We talked about the importance about the Book of Mormon and he really liked it. He told us: "I am going to go far away on foot. Then I will kneel down with my Book of Mormon and read alone. That is when God will tell me if this book is true. And I think He will tell me it is true." Just a boss and kind of hipster in a Guinean kind of way.

Wednesday we had district meeting and office meeting! That means little time to do some actual work! Buuut we did have a super sweet lesson with Lucy and Emilio! We talked about the 10 commandments which they loved! When we talked about the no bearing false witness one, Lucy literally said "That's a commandment?? I like that one!!" And then continued to basically bear her testimony about the importance of that commandment. They are awesome! That night, I went with Elder Chapple (senior couple missionary) to the airport to pick up some Hermanas that went home on the 22nd!! We had a little half transfer to get the missionaries going to college home before college started. We picked them up, dropped them off at the mission home, and then hit the bed!

Thursday was just a lot of stuff with the missionaries going home. It was hectic but everything went well. 

Friday morning was CRAZY. 16 missionaries had to be either at the airport or the train station to get home and I was in charge of making sure no one missed their train or plane. We had some complicated/awesome shuttling plans and at the end of the day, it all worked out. I really saw the hand of the Lord in my life helping me along as well. It was a cool/sad experience to see some great missionaries go home. I'll miss them!

On Saturday we had some good stuff and in the afternoon, an investigator of Hermana Bennett and Hermana Shurtz got baptized! His name is Wellington and he will be a great addition to the ward of Alcobendas. He got baptized in our bishops pool which was epic of course and the Spirit was there strongly. Oh and sorry if my grammar makes no sense...

Sunday was good but kind of hard. Vladimir came to church!! That was a blessing for sure. Lucy and Emilio are out of town but doing good reading and praying as a family every night. In the afternoon, everything fell through but we had a lesson with a man named Jose. He's really... gallegan haha. He's from A Coruña and its kind of known that the gallegans like to argue a lot and are stuck in their ways. Well that's Jose! All in all it went well though and I think I learned a few things during the lesson.

Sobre todo, ha sido una semana muy edificante. My testimony of the Church seems to grow more and more as we get yelled at in the street, as residency problems and travel problems arise in the office and as I see Satan working against our investigators. I know this Church is true and I know that I am here in Spain to serve our Heavenly Father in this great and most important work. I have also am learning every day that Jesus really is the Christ and our Savior. I love you all!! 

Elder Franklyn

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