Monday, September 1, 2014

Cafe Rio Burritos & Running with the Bulls

September 1, 2014

Cafe Rio Burritos and Running with the Bulls!!!

Running of the Bulls!

Elder Sanchez & I

Got my package Mom - thanks!

Amigoooos y amigaaaas,

Well this week has been rough, but sometimes I like the hard weeks. I'll quote my trainer Elder Echegaray here: "My favorite days are the hard days in the mission. Those days when every lesson bails on you so you go out and contact in the street. Those days when every person that you contact in the street just says no. And then at 9:50, right when you have to go back to the apartment, you receive a reference from a Dominican in the street that you know is not going to want anything the next day. Those are my favorite days."

Those are the days when my testimony of the truthfulness of this work grows the most. Those are the days when I look deep down inside and think of why I am out here in the mission. Those are the days when I think of my cousin Nathan who have up so much to serve a mission in South Africa. Those are the days when I think of my cousin Ryan, my best friend Jacob, and my best friend Truman, serving their hardest out there in other parts of the world. Those are the days when I realize that I really am a disciple of Christ. 

Some really cool things happened this week though too so I'll start with those. On Thursday, we ate with an American family that lives here named the Hubers. They are awesome! They made us Cafe Río burritos and they were to die for. They are such an awesome family. All of them are learning a lot of Spanish but they are doing really well! We shared a great lesson on the Sacrament with them and I think our relationship with them has grown a lot. On Saturday, we put on an activity for the ward on the plan of salvation. It was awesome!! Some of you make have heard of it but basically the people come in and sit down in seats that are set up like an airplane. The plane crashes and the people are taken on a tour through the Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial kingdoms. It was awesome and everyone felt the Spirit really strongly. It grew my testimony of the truthfulness of this Church. Oh and Balthazar came to church and loved it!! He has a lot of potential!

Some bad things that happened... Our car got towed. Emilio and Lucy have been out of town for a week now and also told us that they wanted to push back their baptismal date a bit. Felipe and Isabel have to separate because of legal reasons and we had to say good bye to Felipe yesterday. They were sooo close to figuring it all out and getting married too. Now it probably won't happen for months and months. Other than that, just a lot of people bailed on us this week and we haven't had a lot of time to work either. 

President Jackson came out with some more changes that happened today in the mission. A missionary had to go home and so it was sad to see him leave. Elder Moyano hurt his knee in the Islands and so he had to come in as well. And he's here with US!!! He's from Argentina and he is suuper cool. I am excited to have him here. He will just be here for a couple of weeks to recuperate so it should be fun!

Well we are hoping to have a better week this week! We've just got to keep working hard and making the best out of the short time that we have here. I honestly love the mission though and wouldn't trade it for anything. Keep up the good work back home!!

Love you all!

Elder Franklyn

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