Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014


Veo en todoooooo que ustedes están... leyendo mi carta semanal!

Well, this week has been good!  Difficult but good! The good part is that we haven't given up working hard! Elder Esquen and I have been contacting alot and looking for new investigators and we have seen a good amount of success from that! Our investigators are doing good! Marcos kind of fell off of the map for a few days and so he won't be getting baptized now but hopefully in the new future he will feel ready to take the step! 
On the other hand, Prosper is doing wonderfully! We had a fast with him on Sunday to help him quit smoking and he is doing good! He seems to have a lot of great desires to do it and we are just trying to do our best to be there alongside him to help him reach his goal. 

Something that I've learned in the mission is that when we set a baptismal date with someone, its not OUR goal, but THEIR goal. We can't drag people to get baptized, but we can help them try to reach their goals. And there's nothing more than I love to see than an investigator who really has true desires to hit their goals. It's awesome to see! 

Well other than that, we have just been contacting a lot in the rain and having some great experiences with the Asturian people. I hope all is welll!!

Love you all!

Elder Franklyn

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