Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

We missed our bus in Leon this week so I bought everyone popsicles to make us feel better haha

Here is our district hiking up to a giant statue of Jesus Christ in Oviedo.

The statue! And an epic shot of me pointing at Oviedo.

Our last day with Elder Carrejo and Elder Dugan.

Down in Madrid! !

One with Elder McWhorter. Reunited

Family and Friends!

First of all... Someone could have told me that Nate and Rachel were having another baby!! #missionprobs Oh and I am sorry for not writing last week, I had to catch a train down to Madrid!!

This past week has been crazy but super fun.

On Monday we took a hike up to this huge statue of Jesus Christ and then I hopped on a train down to Madrid. I got to stay in my old apartment again with the office elders and I felt right at home haha.

On Tuesday we had the Mission Leadership Council which was really fun! I got to see Elder Echegaray, Elder Beuden and Elder McWhorter again so that was great. Then Elder Lopez and I took a train back to Leon and planned for the Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting went really well! We watched the video He is the Gift and the Spirit was really strong. We have one of the smallest zones in the mission missionary-wise but geographically the largest zone and a lot of work to get done. I love working in this district because there is so much potential. I can see them having a stake and a ton of wards here one day! After the meeting we missed our bus by a few minutes and had to wait in Leon for a good 2 hours. We had food though so that was fun. But kind of annoying haha.

On Thursday everything kind of fell through besides a great lesson we had with Prosper! Nigerias are the best!!! We taught him about the word of wisdom and this is what I wanted to focus my email on. So we were there with Carol, Jessica, Elder Carrejo and I and we began talking about the Word of Wisdom and we explained the things that we shouldn't take into our bodies. We knew he had a problem with smoking and we were a little worried about how he would take it. After explaining it, he responded to us and said something like this: "I have smoked for many, many years. I love smoking just because I have done it for so long. But I want to see the other side. I want to see what it would be like to not have to smoke every day. If you say that there really are blessings that God has for me if I don't smoke, I want to see what those blessings are." It was amazing to see how much he had changed. He accepted the challenge to quit smoking from now until his baptismal date on the 20th of December and if he can make it that long, he will quit for life. He is such an example to me. I have learned so much from him and he seems to be progressing so well. He came to church on Sunday and is just a boss through and through.

On Saturday we had a big activity with all of the YSA in the Leon district and it went really well! We had a great turn out and we saw some miracles as well. We were given a 1 hour time slot to talk about missionary work which ended up changing into a 2 hour time slot the day off. We were all nervous about it going well and we got together as the missionaries of Oviedo, said a prayer, and then just did a fantastic job. We took the JAS (spanish for YSA) out to contact and had some great miracles in the street as well.
Sunday was good! Prosper, Marcos and Jose Alberto came to church. Oh by the way, Jose Alberto leaves for the Dominican Republic on Thursday! I'm gunna miss the guy. He is awesome and I totally see him getting baptized some day. Church was great though and we ended the transfer at the Palma's house. Right back where we started from! Elder Carrejo seemed sad to leave but ready for a change at the same time. Elder Esquen just got here and he seems really cool! I'm sure we will get along well and have some fun together. Hopefully my spanish will improve as well! Thanks for everything. I love you all! Shout out to Brody Palmer for working hard. Can't wait to hear all of your amazing stories from Cambodia!
Love you!

Elder Franklyn

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