Monday, May 5, 2014

Lots of Photos of P-Day and Percebes!

May 5, 2014

Some photos of the men. Elder Nickerl, me, Guillermo, and Bruno.
Some mini ramp trash cans in Galicia. Sweet.


We visited a place today called San Andres de Texiro. It was awesome.

Elder Nickerl and I in front of a city called Cariño.

Here's the percebes. Still not exactly sure what they are. Some sea animal that sticks to the rocks.

A super sweet old house we found

Some photos of the men

Aaaand an awesome light house we visited. This is the most northern part of all of Spain.

Family and Friends!!
This week has been killer hard not going to lie but we never quit and I feel good about that. I love Galicia and the people here but sometimes I feel like the people in the street just really don't like us very much. They see us walking down the street and they cross the road to avoid talking to us. It's like we smell bad or something but I think we smell great! And it can't be that we look weird because we are basically public models. The world may never know.
Well we were in the street a ton this week but I'll try and hit the highlights again.
On Tuesday we helped the Bringa family move. They lived on the second floor and we took all of the stuff out of their apartment and had to bring it down to a big truck. Then we loaded it on to the truck and went to the new house. It was on the fourth floor. And yeah there was no elevator. I probably lost like 10 kilos and Elder Nickerl and I were full sweat by the end. Lets just say we are both still sore but it was a good experience and the family was very grateful for our help. We actually are going to their house tomorrow to help them with some more stuff!
On Wednesday we had intercambios with the missionaries in A Coruña after our zone training meeting. The meeting went really well and then I headed off to A Coruña with Elder Smith, the same one that was with me in my first district and the CCM with me! We had a great time and I interviewed two of their investigators, Josefa and Cindy, for baptism. They were so ready and their testimonies were so strong. It was amazing to meet them and they were both baptized and confirmed last weekend.
On Thursday we had a sweet miracle go down. We had a lesson with Victoria, Angel, and Angel about the restoration and it went really well. At the end, Elder Nickerl invited them all to get baptized with probably the most confusing and difficult invitation ever but they said yes. He then set a date with them as well to be baptized and they accepted it too. Elder Nickerl and I were dying laughing after because of how crazy of an invitation he threw out but thanks to the Spirit, they were able to understand exactly what he was saying.
On Sunday we had a decent day at church. In Spain, yesterday was Mother's Day so the third hour was dedicated to the mothers in the branch. It was awesome even though it made me miss my mom a little bit. Elder Nickerl bore a great testimony on how much he loves his mom and a lot of other great stories were told of some amazing mothers but I've got to say that I have the BEST mom ever! Thanks mom, love you!
Today we visited some awesome sights around north Spain and we actually went to the most northern point in all of Spain, which is in our area, and took some photos. We also ate something called Percebes in spanish which were really good! They look disgusting but we both loved them.
Amidst all of the trials that we are passing through right now in El Ferrol, I can always notice the rays of light that our Heavenly Father casts down to his faithful missionaries. I know that He is watching over us and that He loves all of us so dearly. My testimony of Jesus Christ has grown more than ever as I work alongside Him in this great work. I know that this is the true church and that it was restored on the earth by Joseph Smith. Anyone who says otherwise can just read the Book of Mormon and try to prove me wrong after that. I love you all so much!! Keep up the missionary work in your own areas across the globe!
Elder Franklyn

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