Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

A Miracle.

Amigitos mios,
This week has been really fun! We have had some ups and some downs but all in all we have seen some great growth in ourselves and in our investigators. Marcos' baptismal date is pretty set and we are hoping to have his interview this week! He is doing great and loved church yesterday.
We had two lessons with a man named Prosper this week that went really well! He is from Nigeria and so we teach him in English. Yeah.. my english is terrible haha. It was really hard to teach actually but it went well. He is thinking about baptism which is good!
It has been raining a ton here so we have been trying to stay as dry as possible but sometimes it just isn't possible haha. I hope it doesn't get to windy here or then we will really have a problem. We had this great milagrito this weekend that I wanted to write about.

So on Saturday morning we had a YSA breakfast in the chapel and then we had a scavenger hunt throughout the city of Oviedo. Marcos came so we joined in and it was really fun! Marcos' team won and he was happy about that. We were standing around talking though and Marcos comes up to us and says that he had been talking to a member named Angel and said that Angel was going to give him a ride to Gijon for the baptism that our branch had that afternoon. It was something very small but very important to us as missionaries. Sure enough, Marcos and Angel showed up for the baptism and had a great experience. It was exactly what he needed and exactly what we had hoped and prayed for. The help of the members is something so important and this small act of service shown by a member may be the key for Marcos' conversion. As missionaries, we need to work with the members. And as members, we need to work with the missionaries! I know that this work is for all of us and that each one of us can take part in the work of salvation. I love this work and the time that I have to be here! Thank you so much for your prayers and love!
Until next time,

Elder Franklyn

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